Asphalt Paving: Making The Right Choice For Your Company

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As the manager or the person charged with overseeing any project to be done on a commercial premises, you certainly have your work cut out.

If you have never been in charge of commissioning such a major job before, it could be daunting.

So here is our guide to choosing the right commercial asphalt paving contractor in New York for your firm.


Top of your list of concerns should be checking out any potential contractor’s references.

This is something that you would do if you were looking for a domestic driveway paving contractor in New York, so it is no different just because you are looking for someone to do essentially the same thing, but on a bigger scale.

In looking for their references, simply having some references is not enough. It is all very well that the company you are engaging may have completed some smaller jobs satisfactorily, but you want more.

You need to look for evidence that the asphalt driveway company in New York that you engage actually have past customers who have done the same job before.


Now you need to assess the potential professionalism of the asphalt paving company you want to employ for your commercial project in New York.

The people you hire should discuss your requirements and help you put together a plan of action, which suits you.

They should share with you details about the type of asphalt they are planning on using and run you through the reasons for their choice.

Don’t hire anyone who is vague or doesn’t seem willing to talk you through their plans.

Additionally, you also should be looking for an outline of the job and a timescale for how it will progress.


Don’t allow yourself to be side tracked or fobbed off; you need to see the certificates and documentation required of any contractor before hiring them.

Ensure they have all the licenses, insurance and any other permits needed to legitimately start the works.


Communication is crucial for anyone who works for you. And for a major commercial paving project, it is not something you can leave to chance.

If you hit a problem with this contract, are you confident that you can get hold of the foreman or supervising manager quickly?

How welcoming do the candidates sound? Are they encouraging you to contact them to discuss things further? Did they sound positive about communications?

Being able to speak to the people doing the job at short notice is paramount for any project to run smoothly, so ensure they are the talkative types before you hire!


Knowing how they are going to go about actually carrying out your job is essential.

For example, do they plan on subcontracting the job out to another company or persons?

If this is the case, can they confirm that anyone working for them can provide all the correct insurance and licensing?

You also need to have in writing the plans and timeline for your work to be completed..


What happens if there is a problem after the project has been completed?

A reputable asphalt paving contractor in New York will offer a warranty of some description, even on a domestic project. This should be no different for a commercial job.

Don’t just take a vague promise at face value. It needs to be in writing and carefully specify what is covered by their warranty and what isn’t.

Find out their attitude to replacing or repairing work and how promptly they will attend to any problems that arise.

Following these simple tips should help get your commercial paving project off to a firm start!