Whether it’s a major highway or a parking lot. At Rochester Real Estate Paving we are committed to keeping the show on the road and keeping that road open as much as possible!

We have years of experience paving the highways and walkways of New York City and also plenty of experience of the full gamut of public service contractors, within the state.

With the teamwork and the expertise needed to do a truly top rate job, make Rochester Real Estate the people you turn to first.


All the advantages of a new asphalt road surfacing, without the extra expense or inconvenience of one.

Rochester Real Estate can provide a bespoke milling solution for your highways and parking lots.

We will remove the top layer of your asphalt and leave the subbase beneath it undisturbed. By only repaving a smaller amount of the pavement, it is much cheaper and does not impact on structures such as drainage solutions and curbs.


When your municipality needs serious TLC lavishing on its pavements, we are the team to show it some love.

We have experience of highway and freeway installation and repair.

We also have worked on tens of dozens of parking lots, all over the state, of varying shapes and sizes.

We can provide green asphalt solutions, use recycled asphalt and will recycle any old or unused asphalt as a matter of course.

We also provide contracts for street cleaning and maintenance.

With the newest and most up to date equipment needed to install and repair even the most challenging of highways, our team will always get the job done – on time and on budget!


A pothole might start small, but if it is not rectified speedily can turn into a hazard for all who use the road.

As well as being unsightly, a pothole represents a substantial danger for both cyclists and motorists. This can additionally prove to be a lawsuit in waiting, should an accident occur.

Don’t allow a crack to grow larger or a pothole to deepen – call us now to repair your crumbling highways and public areas!


Rochester Real Estate currently recycles the following materials;

Old asphalt, asphalt shingles, old concrete and waste oil.

We also use recycled asphalt and supply and install porous asphalt.


We can provide a winter long contract for your municipality to clear away snow and ice.

With a brand new and shiny snow plow roaring and ready for action, we can clear your highways and keep your town centers open for business – whatever the weather!