Why Are We Cracking Up?

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Why has my asphalt parking lot developed unsightly cracks and holes in it?

This is a question that we hear frequently in our work and there is no one or easy answer to it.

There are many reasons why your parking lot, or asphalt paving, may not be standing the tests of time, like you were hoping it would.

Here, we try and explain some of the top reasons for the cracks and potholes that have appeared in your asphalt.


Top of the list of reasons that your asphalt parking lot is showing its age, before its time, is that it was never done right in the first place.

When the work was first done, was it the cheapest quote on the market?

All too often, this is exactly the case that we find when we are called to rectify poor workmanship.

Low quality materials and poor grade asphalt might save you a few dollars in the short term, but unfortunately you will pay more in the long run.

We would always advise getting the highest grade of product you can afford and hiring the most experienced company in the area to install it.

Do this, and your need to replace or repair the asphalt early on will be far less likely.


Not even the highest quality asphalt is going to last forever. Twenty to twenty five years is the most optimistic prognosis for your freshly laid asphalt parking lot.

Even with the best maintenance in the world, the time will eventually come when you need to replace it.

Don’t leave it until your asphalt becomes a danger and develops unsightly cracks and potholes.

Get it rectified before it begins to crumble!


Does your parking lot see a high volume of traffic on a regular basis?

Does it have trucks, lorries and juggernauts thundering through it all the time?

If it does, then you can’t really expect that this impact will have no long lasting effects on it at all.

Parking lots and highways which see the heaviest traffic should expect to need more regular maintenance.

The density of the load will also influence the materials and type of asphalt surfacing that you need laying, as well.

If your parking lot hasn’t been built to withstand the pressure, then it will crack. In fact, even if it has been built with a heavy load in mind, eventually it will take its toll on it.

When you call on us to lay or mend your parking lot, you can be assured we will use the only the highest grade of materials to do it!